August 20, 2010

Friday Pretties

A week ago my daughter moved out.
And I moved in.

This is my new guest/sewing room.
Previously Allie's room.

I miss Allie very much, but let me tell you I am loving my new little spot to call my own.

It is a quiet spot in my house where I can go sew or relax.

I found this cute table at a garage sale and i use it as a cutting table for my sewing.

I now also have some space to store my fabric.

And books.

The only other person in my family that will love it as much as I do is my sister Joyce.
This will be her spot when she comes to stay with me.
And she will no longer have to share a bathroom with the boys.
I am sure she will be very grateful for that:)

Happy Friday!


koralee said...

Oh I am loving your new "Me" space my friend. So so charming. I need to find a space in this home just for me...well we are looking for a new home so a room just for me is on the list.

Hugs for a wonderful weekend ...hope you can spend some time in that room with your sewing machine. oxxox blessings and love

Marie said...

Hilarious introduction! I was the same way when my daughter moved out...but let me tell you...j'adore what you've done with your sewing room! I love every bits and pieces you put in there, the window pane and the bird cage is completely adorable! Congrats on a job well done and happy Friday!

birdie blue said...

what a pretty, pretty little room. love your clever fabric storage/birdcage.

have a lovely weekend, enjoy the hot weather!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Good morning! I just had to drop you a note and tell you what a lovely blog you have. Just the simple touches are lovely and I loved the whites of course!!

Each Friday I have a meme -- "friday finding beauty" and I thought you would be a perfect participant.

Stop by if you get a moment -- would love to have your presence and inspiration.

Kind regards

Vintage Home said...

.wow...lucky you & lucky guests!....
I can't believe your bulletin board!...The pictires from COUNTRY LIVING mag are from Heather Camerons green house!...and all the furniture is mine! funny!..In fact I am having a sale this weekend!
Love your pretty room!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

I think your sewing/guest room is lovely. And your cutting table is a true thrift treasure.
I love your attitude too. It is sad for us (good for them) when our precious children move out... but you really have the correct attitude. You found that silver lining, didn't you!
So nice to meet you!

Elizabeth said...

Love your new space! We must have been on the same page for needing a me space :] I just worked changing my mud room to more of a me space! Love your garage sale find!
Have a wonderful Friday!

Gloria said...

Love the soft, shabby-chic feel you created for your new little "room of your own".
That fence shelf is so sweet!
Enjoy your new quiet retreat...:)
blessings to you,
Gloria @}~`}~~
p.s. I have a Brother sewing machine too. Yours looks like an upgrade from mine, but I have LOVED mine! Take care!

It's me said...

Happy friday post of you today.......strange!...wishing you a happy weekend Ria.......beautiful pictures,of a prettie room !!!!

Sewn With Grace said...

Oh, everything is so pretty! I love the quilt on the wall, is it your creation? Joyce will love this! You both are so talented, not just in sewing but decorating too!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...


I will be there soon to snuggle in that Pretty Pretty room. And yes, I am so excited not to share a bathroom with the boys. I love them, but there are bathroom bounderies! Ha ha

You can make anything or any place Beautiful!

Love You!!!

milka said...

the room looks so comfy! how i wish im the guest ;) happy weekends!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I love it, I should do the same with my guest room...everything looks just so pretty!


april said...

What a darling room. You did a lovely job of decorating it. And I love your cutting table!

Anne Marie said...

that sign looks really familiar!! I miss that place!!!

Nancy said...

I love your space. It is so full of whimsy. Makes me want to add more to mine.

Blissitydoodah said...

That would be fun taking over a room :) Yours looks so nice. Whatcha sewing?

Rosie said...

What a perfect space for a little girly giggle...and oh to have a cutting table. When I was first married, I used the kitchen table. Every time the door would open...WHOOOSH....pattern pieces would take flight.

My son is off working in another part of B.C. and I was really needing a bit more space... soooooo...made a little phone call to "break the news", then....padded and tarped his pool table...oh my word...the BEST PAINTING TABLE EVER...;D

...may you have MANY a relaxing hour in this cozy little room.

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