March 24, 2011

A Day trip
with my little chicks

We are fortunate to live near the wonderful
city of  Chicago

 Every year we chose one museum 
and get a family membership to it.

This year they chose
The museum of
Science and industry
 It's a very cool place
 If you are ever near Chicago
make sure you go!

 It's very hands on
so it's good for little kids
And as you can see here big kids too!

We had a great time.
My oldest daughter brought a friend.
I love that even though she is in living on her own and in collage
she still envites her friends along and lets my by them icecream:)


Vintage Home said...

Such a great post..I love that you are doing this every year! Great Idea! Beautiful children!

Becky said...

What a great family idea! I have many fun childhood memories of going to that museum! It's such an amazing place! Thanks for sharing! Love you, cousin! xoxo

I Love Pretty Little Things said...



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