August 21, 2011

Hi everybody,
it has been a busy couple of weeks. 

I celebrated 21 years of marriage to this man.
If that doesn't age me then maybe telling
you we went to go see Steely Dan will at Rivinia will.

I also was able to be at the open house
for Carters Cottage,
where I have my booth.


 Here I am with my girls who came to
cheer me on!
and this is Laura,
she has a booth next to mine,
Afterwards we all went out for dinner.
This is my sweet daughter and her friend
These two are Disney bound in one week
for an internship with the Disney college program.
Then it was off to Michigan for sister time
and one last hurrah before school starts.
Wow has the summer flown by!
My boys start school tomorrow,
my baby girl is leaving 
and I'm feeling a little 


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