January 28, 2011

Happy Friday Pretties

My Friday Pretties today were made for me by someone very special.

And this post is about that someone and her friends.
When I finished chemo 3 months ago I wanted to start exercising,
So I decided to join a places called curves.

I started about 2 months ago and while my body is getting stronger from the machines it does not compare to what this group of older women have done for my soul!
They have shared their survivor stories with me to give me hope.
They have prayed and lit their Yankee candles for me
the day of my scan.( which were clear!)
They make me smile and brighten my day. 
And today Elaine brought me gifts.
She made me these beautiful hats for me to keep my head warm.And once again they warmed my heart.
I went there to get back in shape and God provided me with so much more, And that is how my journey has been.
He always gives me soooo much more than I need or ask for.

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January 20, 2011


Faith is to believe what you do not yet see; the reward for this faith is to see what you believe. -- Saint Augustine

Happy Friday Pretties
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January 13, 2011


This time of year I really start to year for 
living green things.

The sad thing is that
I live in the Midwest.
Which means it will be at least a
couple more months before we see any green coming
up around here.

So I decided to bring some green inside.

My collection of cloches are usually used
to cover moss balls.

Or to add some charm to fake plants.

So I am hoping these pretty glass homes will help me out with
some real living plants.
I am a ok gardener, but for some reason 
I can not keep house plants alive.

So wish me luck


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Finished Projects

This week I was ready to settle in
and start my new projects.

So while I was organizing my fabric
I came across a few unfinished
projects that I decided I needed to finish before
 I started a new one. 

A couple of laundry bags.

A cute garden apron
I started last summer.

And this market bag.

Now I am on to a new project.
Lets see if I can actually finish it before I 
start 5 more:)

January 7, 2011


Friday Pretties
New fabric

New book

New projects

Happy Friday

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January 4, 2011

White Wednesday

Today I m joining Kathleen over at 
For White Wednesday's.

Here are some random whites from my house.

Even though there does seem to be a bird theme.

As you see a lot of little birds reside at the
Ruffled Nest

It has been very cold here so I thought I would add
my warm scarf.

Happy Wednesday!

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White Wednesday's


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