February 23, 2012

Vintage paper flowers

Vintage  paper flower

I love these flowers. 
They are so whimsical and easy to make.

First you cut out 3 or 4 
circles for each flower.

Then you glue them together in the center.

Cut slits to the center of the circle all around the edges.

Fold the edgers into the center and crumple slightly.

Add a button to the center,

And thats it.
Fast and simple,
and oh so cute.

You can make different sizes.
I make them into magnets,

and I use them for embellishment for my crafts.

I used vintage music paper to make these,
but any paper would do.

I am now off for a mini vacation.
I'm going to my sisters for a couple of days.
Just me, myself and I.
I don't know how that happened
but I am so excited about my sister time,
which will include
dinners out
long talks
(know one makes me laugh harder)
and crying.
Sister time is good for my soul!


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