The Popularity of Brendon Urie Wallpapers

If you have ever listened to “I write sins, not tragedies”, “New perspective”, “death of a bachelor”, to “Say Amen”, then most likely you heard a distinctive voice with the high and thick tone from Brendon Urie. Yes, he is the lead vocalist of the Panic! At the Disco and the author of the songs mentioned above. As lead vocalist, Brendon Urie has often been in the spotlight by fans and various media. You even see Brendon Urie wallpapers scattered in the internet. Besides having an impressive vocal range, this 31-year-old man also has a handsome face for people his age. Because of his popularity, many people finally make various wallpapers of him.

As previously explained, because he has a handsome face, impressive vocal range, and interesting personality, many types of wallpaper are finally made for Brendon Urie. A little contradictory to the personality of the band as the rock band, Brendon Urie wallpapers are actually dominated by soft colors with a slightly dark background. Some of the wallpapers even straight up use monochrome for the theme. Well, all of these themes are suitable when juxtaposed with photos from Brendon Urie. Some of the wallpapers are often decorated with lyrics from songs written by him. The stage performance of the attractive Brendon is also often used as a wallpaper object, where he is seen singing in a loud and excellent voice.

Most of the time, all forms of Brendon Urie wallpapers are located on the wallpaper provider sites, and the main target is young girls fans of Panic! At the Disco. This can also be seen from the appearance of wallpaper where he is often depicted as having very white skin and is often very funny like kissing a puppy and duck-face. Most teenage girls download this wallpaper to be used as a home screen on their smartphone.

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