Hypebeast Wallpapers, the Cool Choices that Cool Kids Should Have

Hey, cool kids out there! How is your smartphone doing? Are you bored with the same wallpaper every day? Now, you are about to get inspired from hypebeast wallpapers that fits best for hype beast. Adopting many ideas, these wallpapers surely state your style. You are free to choose one that tells your friends about who you really are. Get ready to be inspired!

Give Santa Claus a new appearance! This cool wallpaper gives you a statement. While Santa Claus is identical to friendly old man who gives gifts for nice kids, you can see how awesome his appearance is now. Wearing red and white sneakers, it looks really match with his typical clothes. The long white beard is still there. But, the big snow glasses really upgrades Santa’s whole look. Wait until you see the gifts on his bag—it’s shoes! These hypebeast wallpapers surely make any cool kids want to meet Santa.

Who does not know The Simpsons? This wallpaper presents Bart Simpson, the boy in the family. Do not expect to see him as a nice boy. Instead, he turns into a bad boy who brings paint spray. Hypebeasts are going to love this wallpaper because it looks awesome, even though a little bit childish. Wearing black rider jacket, Bart Simpson will be good on your smartphone screen.

If you love certain brand, the hypebeast wallpapers will show the world who you really are. Brand logo is more than enough to display on smartphone screen. It does not involve too many ornaments. The street view background in black and white makes the logo looks contrast. No need to do much effort to show you are a hypebeast. So, which wallpaper you like the most? Now you are ready to impress anybody around you with the pretty awesome wallpaper.

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