Colorful and Neat My Hero Academia Wallpapers

The words “the villains” and “the heroes” in the middle of My Hero Academia wallpapers really describe the competition between both teams. In this wallpaper, you can see the sides that the characters are leaning on. The members of both teams fill the space until almost the top of the wallpaper. Well, although the wallpaper seems so full because of them, it still looks so clean and neat.

Next, let’s take a closer look at the colors that applied to both villains and heroes. Yes, both of them look colorful here. However, the hero team has brighter colors than the villains, such as yellow, red, purple, orange, and black. Although the villains also have bright colors, they are dominated by dark accents, such as black and dark purple. The colors represent the image of the hero and villain team.

Now, let’s jump to the expressions depicted in My Hero Academia wallpapers. We are able to spot immediately that they perform a fiery expression. Their faces are filled with energy and anger. They also face each other as if they are ready to have a war. Even though their faces are frowning, some of them are also smiling and laughing.

Moreover, this wallpaper has a white background. The white accent balances the complexity of both teams and the colors that applied to them. This one looks simple compared with other MHA wallpapers. The color white makes this wallpaper neat and clean.

The wallpaper that you are looking at has a rectangular shape. It also has a quite high resolution, so it is perfect to beautify your desktop or laptop. Next time, if you get bored with your ordinary greenish landscape wallpaper, go find this My Hero Academia wallpapers and download it immediately! With the simple and neat wallpaper, your desktop will become even more awesome.

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