Rick and Morty Wallpapers with Fancy, Cute, and Attractive Graphic

Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith are characters in animated series Rick and Morty. It follows Rick adventure to other planets, dimensions, and daily basis problem alongside his grandson, Morty. For your information, Rick is the scientist and grandfather of Morty from her mother side, Beth Smith. This series gain recognition due to creativity and original plot with fresh humor. Therefore, people want to put Rick and Morty wallpapers on their device, mainly laptop.

Full member of the family consists of Jerry Smith, Beth, Summer, Morty, and Rick Sanchez. Summer is Morty’s elder sister who is worry about her status among her peer. Sometimes, she joins Rick adventure with her little brother. Beth is Morty’s mother who stern and tries to keep Rick out of deep involvement in her son. Jerry seems insecure and shares the same intention with his wife regarding what Rick’s doing. On the other hand, Morty is a boy who has his own moral perspective that’s always challenged during his adventure with grandfather.

Rick and Morty wallpapers have few interesting things. This series uses simple visual to develop each character. Besides, the entire setting seems to be not complex and incorporate two-dimensional style. This is similar to other animated series that popular with adult and children. However, Rick and Mort is designed specifically for adult and broadcasted in late nighttime.

For wallpapers, you can have full Smith family and Rick in the same frame. Usually, the frame only has rick and mort because both are the main characters. Sometimes, Summer joins the portrayed in wallpaper. Beth and Jerry are rare to involve, but you will find the art containing Beth alongside Rick and Mort. Due to two-dimensional style, the wallpaper is capable to adjust with low pixel issue. Most of the digital arts are able to fit in standard screen up to 14 – 17-inch size. If you have monitor more than 17 inches, just find the HD version of Rick and Morty wallpapers.

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