Simple yet on Point Thrasher Wallpapers

Do you love playing skateboard? You must have recognized Thrasher magazine. This magazine is exclusive in talking all about skateboarding. Established since 1981, the contents of this magazine focus a lot on skateboard, music, photography, skate park reviews and also interviews. Moreover, it includes other things more than skateboard actually. However, the contents are still mostly about skateboarding. It is released per month and always brings something new in each edition. Since there are many readers of the magazine, now it comes simple yet attractive Thrasher wallpapers.

Talking about it, there are wallpapers that only show the name of the magazine which is Thrasher. Yet, those creators make it more gorgeous by adding something like a flame in the name. They also create different backgrounds for that. You can find flat backgrounds with a cool name “Thrasher”. As mentioned before, there is the name that’s covered by flame or shiny light like a starry night.

In addition, an interesting part is that those creators almost never change the font of the real name. They leave it like that. Therefore, many Thrasher wallpapers vary their backgrounds. Do not worry anyway since the backgrounds are very various. If you want to be more girly, just look for the floral background and related themes. In fact, the backgrounds are not monotonous. There are still creators who use real pictures which show ocean waves, roses, forests, and more. Well, it is getting more interesting, right?

Additionally, there are creative people who also create a background by themselves. It means they do not take other pictures to be the background and rely on their ability to create something different. So, where do you can find them? Again, you need to go online and look up the Thrasher wallpapers on the internet. In fact, the internet can give what you want.

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