The Unique and Cute Design of Tsum Tsum Wallpapers

As we know, kids like Disney characters and love watching them. If you want a different style of them, try Tsum Tsum wallpapers for your smartphone or laptop. So, what is Tsum Tsum? It comes from the Japanese word meaning stacked up. As you know, it was stuffed toys that Japanese manufacturer released for their character. After that, Disney produced their Tsum Tsum for the characters.

As you know, it is different from the regular toy with the full body style. You will get only the character head with no body, upper and lower. That’s why people call them as a stacked toy that’s capable to be arranged in a pyramid configuration. For wallpaper, you will find a pyramid-based design from several characters to one at the top. That’s the basic design, but there are tons of combinations from simple to complex one. For example, the wallpaper uses one character for this pyramid, but each layer contains only one head. To adjust, the bottom one is the biggest shape at all and it turns into a smaller one in each layer until the smallest one is at the top pyramid. This is one of the uniqueness of Tsum Tsum wallpapers.

Another design looks like the random arrangement in a white field. All characters are arranged without proper order as similar to your toys in the basket. This wallpaper is also good for a frame around screen edge. Tsum Tsum is arranged as the line around this edge and let the center with a clean white area. This kind of wallpaper brings simplicity to the device and avoids characters to fill the entire screen.

For a smartphone, the wallpaper consists of several resolutions from low to HD. For your information, the most complex design gives more storage that increases file size. You do not have to worry about that matter because Tsum Tsum is just a plain style. Moreover, there are Tsum Tsum wallpapers with HD quality without exhausting your device performance.

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